Monday, May 21, 2012

My Secret Hobby..

For a couple of years now I have slowly (and I mean slowly!) finding old furniture from garage sales, op shops and eBay, and giving them a new lease on life. From sanding back and repainting, to DIY upholstery, I have started a collection of up cycled quirky pieces. So I thought I should share some of the love and keep you posted on any new projects along the way.

Originally this was an old pine chest of drawers that had seen better days. With a distressed painted look and gorgeous hand painted Indian knobs, it now takes pride place in the master bedroom.

The corner of our lounge room was missing something, so I found a hall table online that I thought would be perfect. I painted it in a black gloss enamel and now sits next to our fireplace and acts as a port/drinks table.

I found a pair of brass candlestick holders in an op shop that had seen better days. I was going to spray them white, but found some brasso in the garage and what do you know..they are shinier than ever! I love the shape and find the gold accents can warm up any dining setting.

This was my first piece that I restored. It was lying on someones nature strip ready for rubbish collection. The seat was badly stained and the leg was actually broken. With a little help from my dad, I have since then collected another 5 more chairs in different shapes, and painted and upholstered in the same fabric.

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