Monday, April 18, 2011

Finding The Art In Hanging Art

Artwork brings colour, life and dimension to a room. The size, position and colour play an important role to any interior. Below are some simple steps to follow, which will assist you in finishing an inviting interior.
·         Ensure the centre of the artwork or group is at eye level.
·         The size of the artwork should be in proportion to the room. If you are going to hang art over a piece of furniture, it should not be longer than the width of the furniture item.
·         Use larger pictures in large rooms, and smaller or group of smaller pictures in smaller rooms.
·         The use of line can set the mood for an interior. Horizontal lines in art, the frame or the arrangement on the wall, can add width to a small room. While vertical lines can add height.
·         Arranging artwork on a shelf or mantelpiece is quite popular, and can work well with other decorative objects such as vases, candle holders or travel mementos.  
Grouping pictures is becoming quite common, and should be considered as one unit. Trace around each picture to create paper templates for each piece, and lay them on the floor or table. Start playing with combinations until you find one that suites. You can then tack the chosen layout on the wall and start nailing the hooks in place.
Art can lift the mood to any room, and doesn’t have to be from a professional artist. Framing everyday objects like buttons, greeting cards or hanging architectural objects can bring out the artist in you!

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