Thursday, May 24, 2012

Play on Timber

I think one of the best ways to warm up an interior is the use of natural materials. In particular..timber! It has great variations and works well with any colour scheme. Timber is most commonly used in flooring, but using it in cabinetry, wall or ceiling cladding adds warmth and texture. 
Using a combination of different coloured timbers in a space was once a design no no, but I think using it correctly looks amazing. Take the third and forth image below for example. It looks like they have used either spotted gum or black butt timber flooring but then added a dark stained kitchen. As the kitchen cabinetry is a solid colour, it doesn't take the focus away from the variation in the timber flooring.The kitchen overheads and splash back pop against the dark cabinetry but also blends with the flooring.

The materials used in this bathroom are quite edgy, but adding the timber soaker tub and deck like flooring, create a modern day spa look. The natural light flooding the room, add to it too!
If your budget doesn't allow for solid timber features, then why not use wallpaper! Andrew Martin's range of timber wallpapers are very realistic and available in 5 different colours. Contact Unique Fabrics for more information or visit Andrew Martin's website.

Elisa Strozyk is a textile designer from Germany who has created carpet made from veneer offcuts. Her technique in creating this piece is to laser cut the veneer pieces and bond them onto fabric. The wooden carpet can lie flat on the floor, but can also be playfully positioned due to its surprisingly flexible form.

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