Saturday, August 8, 2015

Motel Mexicola

My husband and I decided we need an island holiday at the end of the year. We try and get away at least once a year and this year we decided to head back to Bali.

Flights are booked, so now the most important thing I have been doing, is making a list of the hottest places to eat and drink in Bali of course!

Upon my Instagram "research" I came across Motel Mexicola thanks to Best in Bali.
The Mexican cuisine has definitely hit Melbourne hard over the past year  and now it's Bali's turn to soak up the tacos and tequilas.
But what caught my eye wasn't just the food, I am dying to check out the interiors, and exterior for that matter!
It is a feast of colour, pattern and tacky kitsch! I love how nothing matches, yet it all seems to work.

I can just picture being here on a balmy night sipping a few delicious cocktails (13 different types of tequilas available, thank you very much).

Let me know if you have been to Motel Mexicola, or recommend some other amazing spots in Bali to add to my list.

Image via Break My Style
Image Via The Lifestyle Department
Image Via Sub-Cult
Image Via Sub-Cult

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