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An Artful Insight- Inkah Art

I am thrilled to share with you a new segment on the blog called An Artful Insight.
Here you will get to know more about local artists I know and love, and get a better understanding on the creatives behind such beautiful work.
This month Jacqui Mac, the creative genius behind Inkah Art, takes the time to chat about life on the Surf Coast, being a mum and a talented artist.


Tell us a little about your background.

 We moved to Torquay about 9 months ago, where we are building our house and intend to settle long term. It's so beautiful here, such a relaxed lifestyle, friendly, laid-back people and just a nice vibe. I have always loved the beach and decided it was the perfect place to raise our young family!
I had a few different office jobs in my early 20s, which I knew were not for me. I then studied a bachelor of education and am a qualified primary school teacher, however having taught full time for a couple of years I decided that my heart was not in it. I have always thought it would be amazing to be in the position to work for myself, and whilst being on maternity leave I began to really explore my creative side - I never imagined it would be something I could actually do for a living, but I'm so blessed now that it is!
I love interior design and thought it would be amazing to create some artwork for our own home. I've always been quite creative and enjoyed doodling and drawing for fun, but it was creating my art folio for university that I discovered I had a real passion for being arty and found it to be such a great escape and really therapeutic! I found that while teaching, the art room was actually my favourite place to be. So I thought, hang on, there might be something in that! I'd never really painted before, but ended up experimenting with a few pieces and getting a really positive response to them! I began to get orders from family and friends and then it just grew from there. I now started my own business and feel so lucky to finally be loving what I do and not seeing it as 'work'!

How long have you been painting for and what mediums do you use?

I have been painting for about 2 years, but it's only been around 12 months  where I've been asked to commission pieces for clients. Over the past 7 or so months,  I've launched my website Inkah Art and my Giclee print range. 
I predominantly use acrylics, but also use ink. I have recently been experimenting with watercolour, and occasionally spray paint. I use fluid mediums to dilute the acrylics as I like working with them when they flow easily. I  experiment with different styles of abstract painting, rather than always sticking with the one style of painting. I believe that as an artist your style will always evolve as you try out new techniques or mediums to work with.
Photography is an important part of my creative process as I photograph sections of my work to create my prints.
Image Via Little Gatherer

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find nature or a gorgeous interior space inspiring. Being at the beach on a beautiful day sparks a colour palette and I just go from there. The painting is never planned. It evolves organically and i have no idea what the outcome will be. Often the end result might be quite different from what I imagined, and no two paintings are ever the same. Each one is completely unique and I think this makes them quite special. 
Currently my "home studio" is the garage. I have completely taken it over. I am looking forward to creating a proper studio in our new house. We have plans to create an exposed brick and concrete wall in the garage that I can use to shoot my work and hopefully build a detached studio for me to work from.
I can't wait! My dream is to own my own gallery or studio shop front.

What does a typical day involve for you?

I am currently a stay at home mum for my 17 month old daughter, Indy so most of my time I try and keep her entertained and occupied, while I try and clean up the tornado that a toddler leaves behind!
When she sleeps, is when I catch up on the admin side of my business including responding to emails and generating quotes and invoices. I also upload my work onto Instagram and manage my website. After she is settled in bed, I usually head into the garage to paint.
I try and head down to Melbourne 1 day a week to sign prints and deliver them to the framers etc.
I would love to spend my entire day painting, but unfortunately this probably won't happen until Indy is at school!
Image Via Inkah Art

What do you do to wind down?

I love listening to day spa music and burning scented candles to relax. If I ever get the chance to just lie there and listen to my relaxation music, I do it! I suppose it's kind of meditating - it is honestly the best.
I love reading health and well being books and magazines, I find the reading relaxes me yet the content motivates me. I also love to just zone out with interiors magazines and am constantly searching for interior inspo for our new home.
Walks on the beach - it sounds cliché but the beach is my happy place, probably why we live where we do!
I find escaping to the garage to just be free to create (not when I'm creating a piece for anyone in particular, but just painting or playing for the sake of it and experimenting) I lose all track of time and get completely lost in it so this is quite a wind down for.
I also enjoy my 'me time' at the gym - when I get there, which used to be a lot more often than it is now unfortunately!

Ocean Circle Print from Inkah Art

Where is your work displayed and who are your stockists?

I currently have prints stocked in Forman Picture Framing and Clickon Furniture showrooms (Fitzroy/Melbourne, and Sydney shortly).
My entire catalogue of prints are available through the Clickon Furniture website. Prints are also available through some smaller stockists, Green Door Decor and White Olive Living.
Green Door Decor have just ordered some large prints that they will be selling framed in SA, and she's hopefully putting them into some restaurants, so stay tuned! 
My original pieces are available through Magnus Collective and my website Inkah Art
I'm looking forward to having my work displayed in retail stores as people are always asking where they can see them in the flesh!

What is your favourite local café?

Favourite café in Torquay is Pond - you have to check it out if ever you are down here. Delicious brekkie and coffee, opposite the beach! We love going out for breakfast on the weekends.


Who are you loving on Instagram at the moment?

I stumbled across @meandmybentley recently which has some amazing inspirational interior and exterior architecture pics that I adore, I just love good design!
There are so many amazing interiors pages that I frequently stalk, such as @oh.eight.oh.nine and @immyandindi, and gorgeous handmade homewares from @behrandco. I also love and am super proud of my good real life friends Kat and her amazing business @my_littleecho.  Ang and her edgy kids clothing label @howi_clothing and James from @steelwindowdesign who makes the most incredible high-end powdered coated steel windows and doors you literally ever did see!!




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