Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY Fabric Vase

Welcome to my first DIY post! I have been wanting to start this segment for a while, but found that my photography skills weren’t up to scratch and didn’t really show off my DIY skills.
So I decided to attend a photography workshop, hosted by the talented Prue Aja. 
I finally learnt how to use my DSLR off automatic mode, and boy… what a difference!!! I’m still not confident but I am brave enough to share with you my first step by step DIY tutorial from Paper N Stitch Blog. You can find the original tutorial from her blog here.
I wanted to find an easy DIY as it was easy to shoot while I was in the workshop and didn’t have to worry too much. I even learnt how to edit the photos too!! very excited!!
So here is how you can turn old tin cans into flower vases or pot plant holders. As I said its very easy to recreate and inexpensive.

You will need the following:

Old tin cans
Spray adhesive

Step 1:
Cut enough fabric to wrap around the tin. Allow approx. 1 cm of fabric to fold around the rim of the can.

Step 2:
Spray the outside of the can with spray adhesive.

Step 3:
Lay the can on the edge of the pre-cut fabric and start to roll the can until it is covered in the fabric.

Step 4:
Spray the inside rim of the can and fold over the remaining fabric to create a neat edge.

Ta Daaaaaa!!!

These decorated cans can work great as vases, potted succulents or pencil holders.
Would love to see your upcycled cans on Facebook or Instagram and make sure you hashtag #designtalk!

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