Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Complete!!

After 2 long years living with a dated, ugly and impractical bathroom, we have now completed the much anticipated reno..and boy does it make a difference!
We no longer have to crouch down every morning just to see ourselves in front of the mirror, nor do we have to use that dreaded shower curtain, oh and we cant forget the toilet that had plumbing issues.
It has now been transformed into a clean, simple and modern bathroom that can easily fit more than one person!
We didn't alter the shape of the bathroom or move around the plumbing, as we tried to keep costs down.
As this was our only bathroom, this project had to be finished quickly, so my boyfriend Tom took a week of work and smashed through it. This is the first time either of us have tackled a bathroom, so Tom's dad offered to help which made a huge difference.


 After demolition, new insulation went in, and up went the plaster board and yellow tongue flooring.

Plumbing fit off took longer than expected as all new copper piping had to be installed.

The only trade we called upon was a tiler. That was something we didn't want to mess around with!
The floor tiles I chose are a 400x400 warm grey ceramic tile. The larger the tile, makes the room appear bigger as there are less grout lines.
We kept the wall tiles light and glossy to bounce around the light, as the room is quite small.

In went the vanity, toilet, bath and tapware, and all walls were painted.
This is when we knew we were on the home stretch.
The vanity and shower screen were found on eBay for around $300 each and most of the tapware was from Masters Home Improvement.
Ta da!!!!!
For a transformation for around $5,000, we couldn't be any happier.
We would have loved a large freestanding shower, but we didn't want to get rid of the bath and loose potential family buyers when we sell.
It seems bigger even though we didn't knock down any walls. It feels so much cleaner and I actually WANT to use the bathroom now!

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