Online Interior Design Service

Foxtrot Studio is my brand new business which provides a professional online interior design service, without breaking the bank. You can achieve a well-designed space with the help of an interior designer and feel confident in your selections.

How it Works

Email the room or area you would like to re-design. You will then be sent a questionnaire which will help identify your key requirements.

You will also be asked to send in the following:

·         Detailed photos of the room from all angles.

·         Measurements of the room which include doorways, windows and any built in cabinetry.

·         The completed questionnaire, including the budget.

Within 3 weeks you will receive the following:

·         A concept board including recommendations on wall paint, fabric, lighting, furniture, artwork etc.

·         Recommendations on utilising existing furniture.

·         A detailed specification schedule outlining what needs to be completed to achieve the proposed scheme. It will also include prices of each item and where they can be purchased from.

·         A floor plan showing the proposed layout of furniture, rugs, lighting and any accent walls.


From $150 per room
If you are interested, feel free to email me at

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