Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pinterest Picks of the Week- Coffee Table Styling

Happy Friday guys! This week has flown by and I nearly forgot about my Friday Pins!!
I've been busily pinning away as I will be styling 4 display homes next week for a photoshoot. I dig deep into Pinterest for inspo on all sorts of styling to help with the shoot. Styling for photography versus styling for everyday homes is completely different, as the camera lens takes a whole different view of the space.
While on my search, I have come across some beautiful, well styled coffee tables and I just had to share!

Its quite simple to make a coffee table look great, you just need to start with the basics that you may have lying around the house.


1. Start with a stack of books or magazines as its a great way to add height and colour to the table.
2. Add a tray next to the stack of books. This sections the area of the table and creates interest.
3. Add a natural element to carry through some texture. A nice bunch of flowers in a short vase, a crystal, coral or a timber branch. You can place this on the stack of books, or in the tray.
4. A scented candle always smell divine and add that special glow at night.
5. Lastly, add in some personal items whether it be trinkets from travelling, an old vintage time piece, or a patterned jar.

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