Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Bedroom Buys

As mentioned in my post last week, our home we are building is nearly ready for us to move in! I keep reminding my husband every day, but I think he is getting a little tired of it now! I still can't envisage that we will be living in a brand new home that we have designed and have been dreaming about for years! I've already nick-named it "The Hamptons". I'll have to share some more progress pics with you, as the weatherboards have been painted and the scaffolding finally came down today, so I want to go past there on the weekend and take some photos. 
Amongst all this excitement, I have been purchasing bits and pieces to make our home reflect our personalities and style.

Today I wanted to share with you some of those pieces I have bought for our bedroom.
I LOVE colour and think it looks great complimented with natural materials.
So to add that natural element, I'm thinking of creating a bedhead out of plywood. I love the grain it features and turns out to be an inexpensive piece.

I bought two Ikea Frosta stools as my bedside tables and will either dip half of the legs in a pastel paint colour, or just paint the top.
The Metro Copper table lamps from Freedom are the perfect fit as it wont take up too much room sitting on the stools. 
I was very lucky to get my very own Lovestar wall vase in neon pink for Christmas, so that will sit nicely above my side of the bed! Fresh flowers will make the room sing!
Lastly I want to frame my first Emily Green water colour print which will hang alongside the Lovestar vase. 

1. Tutti Frutti Pillowcase- Castle and Things
2. Metro Copper Table Lamp - Freedom
3. Lovestar wall vase- Lovestar
4. Spot Cushion Yellow - Middle of Nowhere
5. Square Cushion- Middle of Nowhere
6. Frosta Stool- Ikea
7. Water colour Print- Emily Green

My dilemma is what colour linen quilt cover to use? I absolutely love yellow, (our front door will be painted gloss yellow!) and found a set from Bambury and thought a chunky knitted charcoal throw will break up the colour, but will it be too much??

Or.... should I do the reverse and use a charcoal quilt cover with yellow knitted throw to bring out the colour of the feature pillow cases??

Would love to know what you think or if you have another idea!!


  1. Charcoal quilt with yellow throw. This way you can always change pillow and throw for a different color. Christine

    1. Thanks for your input Christine, you make a great point! X




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