Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014 so far...

Wow, I cant believe how long it has been since my last blog post! A lot has happened in 2014 so far!
We got married in Fiji in August and had an amazing time with our family and friends. 
We spent 5 weeks eating, drinking and shopping our way around S.E Asia and we are also in the middle of building our 2 townhouses!

Some people have asked if I have the "wedding blues" after coming back from our wedding and honeymoon, I feel there is so much to look forward to that the planning never stops.
I finally have time to put more effort into my blog and actually start working on the interiors for our own home! I'm looking forward to going shopping and making it feel like our own home. 

Here is a quick photo of our 2 townhouses. It will be clad in weatherboard with a Colorbond roof to give it a coastal cottage feel. I didn't want to have an obvious party wall in between the 2 houses, so it will be hidden behind the weatherboards to give the impression it looks like one big home.
The facade windows have been stepped out to look like they are bay windows.

Our home is the one on the left. We designed the townhouses to have side access entry doors to give enough privacy between the two. I even chose a gorgeous yellow for our front door!! I think it will look great against the warm grey weatherboards.

I will continue to post more progress shots as time goes on and we hope we will move in in January!! 

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