Monday, March 3, 2014

Styling Your Home For Sale

This weeks article that I contributed for Here & Now Magazine, shows you how to style your home for sale. Hope you learn a few tips and would love to hear your thoughts...
A beautifully presented home can not only boost your final selling price but also set your home apart from the competition.  It’s important to make that first impression count, so here are a few tips to ensure potential buyers will remember your home and  want to make it their own.
It’s amazing how much we collect over the years, so the first thing I’d recommend is to de-clutter your home. It is a great way to throw away items that you don’t need, and it can give you a chance to start packing away items you don’t use all the time.
Clean your home like you have never cleaned it before! Dust the top of skirting boards, doors and kitchen cupboards. Clean blinds and curtains and drapes. High pressure decks, paving and the driveway, and steam clean the carpets. This can dramatically improve your home without the need to spend too much.
Now that your home is clean, fresh and airy, it’s time to stage your home. You need to leave your personal style behind and think like a buyer. Ensure each room has a clear purpose and only use necessary furniture.
I believe the entry to a home is very important. It is the first area a potential buyer will see. A hall table, artwork or a mirror keeps the area looking welcoming, bright and simple.
Dining Room
For a dining room, you will only need the dining table, chairs, and maybe a buffet or hall table if room allows for it. It’s important to let as much natural light in and keep the room looking spacious. Keep the table centrepiece simple. A nice bunch of flowers or a small collection of vases with a table runner is all it needs.
Living Room
In the living room, a buyer needs to imagine themselves relaxing and enjoying the space. Rearrange the furniture until you think it looks welcoming. Buy cushions that work with your existing furniture and don’t be afraid of adding some bold prints. A floor or table lamp can add a nice ambience to the room. If you do need to go out and buy accessories or small furniture items, ensure you can use them in your new house. Keep personal momentos and photos to a minimum. 
Keep the kitchen benchtops free from everyday mess. Leave items like a fruit bowl, open cookbook and pretty canisters on display.
The pantry and cupboards should be neat and organised. People love to open up doors and really see how much storage the home offers. If you open up a pantry and see it full to the brim, it shows that the home could be lacking storage space.
Bedrooms need to look neat and tidy. Ensure the bed linen is looking crisp and bright. Adding cushions and a throw rug completes the look. New lamps can also transform the room. Use artwork above the bed that compliments the bed linen.
It’s important to not hide away all the toys and books from kids bedrooms. I think it’s great to walk into a home and see that a young family lives there. It keeps the home looking realistic and shows off that it is a family home. In saying that though, keep the toys to a minimum. Display books on shelves and keep the floor clear.   
Store away shampoo bottles and loofas. The shower and benchtops need to be kept clutter free. Purchase nice soap dispensers or bottles and fresh matching towels. Ensure shower screens and mirrors are spotless.
And finally…
Just before an open for inspection, take any pets with you and ensure the home is free from fur. A nice touch is to use chill out background music, light a scented candle and leave the doors to the entertaining areas open.
Images:  A Home Full of Color,  DIY Showoff & Something is Done 
Here & Now Magazine

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