Monday, March 25, 2013

T Residence by Shareen Joel Design

During my morning blog reads, I came across a residential project from Melbourne based design studio Shareen Joel Design.

They were involved in redesigning an existing residence for a Melbourne family. The brief was simple. A classic approach was applied, updating the house with a contemporary design that has a "lived in" feel... and boy were they right on the money! This house does not feel intimidating. It looks family friendly and combines a range of materials that all work harmoniously.

I MUST hunt down that pendant light!! I am in love.

 I love how there are some traditional and contemporary elements within the home. The pointed arch trimmed windows and panelled kitchen cabinetry are a nod to the yesteryear, while the lime washed floors, square set cornice and light filled rooms are apparent contemporary additions.

There is built in cabinetry throughout the house that show off how custom this house really is.

This Ensuite feels like a hotel. It is so spacious and simple. One tile on the floor and walls oozes elegance.

I love how the furniture is centred in the room. It shows you don't have to push furniture to the walls. Make use of the space and you will notice how much bigger the room will look.

The arches throughout the house work well with the hard square surfaces.

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